March 11th 2010


  • Generic Driver
  • New report viewer
  • Reliance OPC Server
  • New features for working with the source code of scripts

Generic Driver

Generic Driver is a new communication driver available with Reliance 4. It is designed for the data exchange (through a serial port or the Ethernet) between Reliance and devices for which a native driver or OPC/DDE server is not available. In the future, Generic driver should be used instead of External Communicator. The communication with a connected device is realized through special tags defined within the Generic device (in the Device Manager). In comparison with External Communicator, Generic Driver is more deeply integrated into a visualization project and it is easier to use. In addition, it is likely to be further improved along with other native communication drivers.

Generic Driver will be released as part of Reliance 4.1.4 (March 2010).

Note: Generic Driver will be functional with the license for External Communicator. External Communicator will not be further developed and maintained.


New report viewer

The report viewer has been completely revised, including its user interface.

In addition to existing features, it will enable the users to:

  • select a time period (day, month, year) using a tree view
  • possibility to create and save filters

The new report viewer will be released as part of Reliance 4.1.4 (March 2010).


Reliance OPC Server

Reliance OPC Server is a new module of Reliance 4 that allows for accessing visualization project tags through a standard OPC interface. As a result, it is possible to transfer data from a running Reliance 4 project to information systems used by the customer. For example, data may be transferred to a customer information system or another SCADA system. The only condition is that the other system must be an OPC client. Reliance OPC Server can even be used to interconnect two different Reliance projects or a project running in different Reliance versions (e.g. 3 and 4).

Key features:

  • OPC DA 3.0 support
  • uses Web services to communicate with Reliance's data servers (Reliance 4 Server and Control Server)
  • can run at the OPC client side without needing to use DCOM
  • can run as a Windows service
  • only allows access to selected tags from a visualization project
  • includes a tool for configuring and managing the OPC server

Reliance OPC Server is intended for Reliance 4 and will be released in the first half of the year 2010.


New features for working with the source code of scripts

A set of new commands have been integrated into the script editor to facilitate editing source code.

The commands operate on the selected block of source code and enable the users to:

  • easily insert the name of a project-defined object (e.g. device and tag), filename, color in VBScript format, etc.
  • use advanced clipboard features (the Copy & Append, Cut & Append, and Duplicate commands)
  • format and indent source code
  • change the case of characters
  • comment/uncomment source code
  • easily surround source code with a structured statement (e.g. if ... then)
  • search the Web for a selected text (using Google, Google NewsGroups, Google Code Search, Yahoo!, MSN, MSDN)
  • further commands (e.g. alphabetically sorting source code lines)

The new commands will be available in Reliance 4.1.5 (in spring 2010).


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